Vetark Zol Cal F
Vetark Zol Cal F


Vetark Zol Cal F

Zolcal-F is a supplement feed of calcium and vitamin D3 for oral supplementation and is recommended to maintain the correct level of calcium for birds, reptiles and rabbits. Zolcal-F can be given directly or via drinking water or food where extra calcium is needed quickly. Calcium and vitamin D3 deficiencies can cause debilitating health conditions in birds, mammals and reptiles.

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    ZOLCAL-F Feed provides 3.25 mg calcium / ml, 4 IU vitamin D3 / ml. Routinely use 10ml (2 teaspoons) per 100ml of drinking water or give by direct administration at a rate of 1ml per 100g of animal, or pour directly onto food at a rate of 2.5ml (half teaspoon) per 250g of food. For routine daily supplementation we recommend a full spectrum in-feed vitamin/mineral supplement such as AVIMIX or ARKVITS.

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