Vetark Nutrogrub


Vetark Nutrogrub

Nutrogrub is based on a highly palatable vegetable protein source rich in calcium and B vitamins and is further enhanced with Vetark Nutrobal® calcium balancer, and Vetark Calci-Dust. In addition to feeding the insects, it helps their protein level, and is proven to enhance their calcium and vitamin D3 content prior to using them as feed for insect eating animals.

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    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Nutrogrub is a mineral feeding stuff designed for feeding insects such as mealworms, crickets and locusts. It can be used dry or can be mixed into a paste with water to feed insects. Replace every 24-48 hours if used in paste. Do not provide any other source of water or food for the insects in the 48 hours prior to using them as food.

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