Soft N Safe Bedding 20g
Soft N Safe Bedding 20g


Soft N Safe Bedding 20g

Pure, soft as silk and 100% natural bedding from the seed pod of the Kapok tree. The short fibres break easily and cannot be spun so won't 'string' like other bedding can. And being up to 80% air means the fibres are ideal for hamsters, mice and gerbils to make a cosy nest in.

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The pods are sustainably and ecologically harvested. Use in the same way as your pet's usual bedding. Also available as a twin pack of whole pods to challenge your pet. Not to be confused with cotton or viscose wool fluffy bedding. 

100% natural fibres/Cannot 'string' like other bedding/Fibres are up to 80% air so ideal for making a cosy nest.

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