PURINA® PRO PLAN® Feline HC Hydra Care 85g Wet Pouch


PURINA® PRO PLAN® Feline HC Hydra Care 85g Wet Pouch

PURINA® PRO PLAN® HC Hydra Care™ is a revolutionary supplement with an innovative, great tasting formula that’s proven to increase a cat’s water intake and make their urine more diluted, helping to improve their hydration.

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Encouraging cats to drink water is never easy, as they are naturally poor drinkers, and very picky, even when you provide them with clean, fresh water every day.

The reason why domestic cats are naturally poor drinkers can be traced back millions of years, to when their ancestors lived in the desert. With less water around, cats adapted to surviving by obtaining most of their water from their food. They also highly concentrated their urine, to help conserve water.

Today; cats are still prone to drink less water than they should. And that’s why it’s so important that we make sure they stay hydrated, as it affects everything from circulation to digestion.

Water is vital to a cat’s life because it helps them to maintain a multitude of body functions. Amongst others, poor hydration may compromise your cat’s long-term health by increasing the risk of urinary problems, known as Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Increasing your cat’s water intake, together with a high-quality diet, helps to keep your cat hydrated and their body functions working well.

The formula will engage cats to happily lick it up due to its great taste, helping to increase their total liquid intake and helping to dilute their concentrated urine.

- Shake well before feeding

- Feed 1 pouch per each 2kg of body weight per day

- Low in calories: only 19kcal per pouch

- Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available

- Serve at room temperature


Product Benefits

Great taste

Helps to increase urine dilution

Shown to increase total water intake and promote hydration

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