Mikki Cat Muzzle
Mikki Cat Muzzle
Mikki Cat Muzzle
Mikki Cat Muzzle
Mikki Cat Muzzle


Mikki Cat Muzzle

Cat muzzles work by covering their eyes as well as the mouth. This can sometimes calm the cat if he/she cannot see.

Cats typically do not like things on their face and will try to paw it off as soon as the muzzle is placed on. Our muzzle has a secure head harness to help keep the muzzle in place.

Muzzles are only for temporary use and your cat should not be left unattended wearing one.

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  • Ideal for grooming and vet visits
  • Helps to calm and relax your cat
  • Adjustable strap with snap lock fastening
  • Made from soft strong nylon

Take your time to fit the muzzle comfortably on your cat, ensuring a snug fit that is not too tight:

1. Draw the collar strap over the cat's head with the head straps between the ears
2. Ensure that the muzzle is comfortably fitted over the cat's nose
3. Fasten buckle and tighten whilst gently holding the muzzle in place. Be sure not to over tighten
4. To release the buckle, squeeze the tabs on the side of the buckle

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