Play N Bedding Pods 2pk


Play N Bedding Pods 2pk

100% natural seed pods from the Kapok tree. Your pet will love removing the soft as silk, fluffy fibres from the pods and using them to create a warm and cosy bed. Then your pet will be left with the edible seeds and a pod which can be gnawed until their heart's content.

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The pods are sustainably and ecologically harvested and the bedding fibre is 'light as air'. Each fibre is short, smooth and breaks easily so cannot be spun. This means it won't 'string' like other bedding can. To use simply place one pod in your pet's home and leave the rest to them! In some cases it may be necessary to crack the pod open first with your fingers to give your pet easier access to the bedding and seeds.

100% natural pods/Combination of treat, toy and bedding/Cannot 'string' like other bedding.

Ideal for all hamsters, mice and gerbils.

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