Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig
Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig
Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig

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Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig

Selective Guinea Pig food is recommended by vets and provides a tasty balanced diet for guinea pigs with natural ingredients including dandelion and fennel. It is high is fibre to help promote healthy teeth and tummies and has added vitamin C to help keep your guinea pigs in the very best of health. Selective also contains linseed, a particularly good source of omega 3, which helps to regulate coat shine, thickness and colour intensity, as well as supporting a healthy skin.

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    • Single component extruded nuggets prevent selective feeding
    • With stabilised Vitamin C – essential to maintain healthy function
    • Balanced protein (16%) to help maintain healthy weight
    • No added sugars and low-calorie content to help prevent obesity
    • Correctly balanced calcium: phosphorus ratio – Calcium 0.6%, Phosphorus 0.5%
    • High fibre (15%) helps promote dental and digestive health
    • Prebiotics (MOS) to support healthy gut motility and digestive wellbeing
    • Contains linseed – a natural source of Omega 3 & 6, for healthy skin and glossy coat
    • With tasty dried fennel and dandelion