Mikki Dual Slicker Brush
Mikki Dual Slicker Brush
Mikki Dual Slicker Brush
Mikki Dual Slicker Brush
Mikki Dual Slicker Brush
Mikki Dual Slicker Brush


Mikki Dual Slicker Brush

Two brushes in one! Perfect for short to medium coated pets.

 Dual action: removes matts/loose hair and stimulates natural oils for a shiny & healthy coat.

  • Easy clean nylon bristles
  • Easy clean stainless steel wire pins
  • The flexible head gives a more gentle brushing experience for you and your pet
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    Our dual brush and slicker is a 2-in-1 tool that is perfect for keeping your dog short to medium coated pet looking gorgeous while they're shedding and getting rid of knots, tangles and debris from the coat.

    Start with the slicker side of the brush. The soft pins are set on an air cushion to help eliminate any excess brushing pressure for a comfortable groom.
    Use to brush through tangles and remove loose hairs from the coat, distributing natural oils for a healthy, shiny finish. Brush in sections, through all areas of your pet's body including their legs, belly, tail, ears and head.

    Switching to the nylon bristle side, use a gentle stroking action to allow the nylon bristles to help distribute your pet's natural oils through their coat, leaving it clean and healthy.

    Brush at least weekly to keep your pet's coat glossy and to remove loose, dead hairs.

    While you are doing this, take time to look and feel over each part of your pet. Knowing your pet's contours and form helps you to know what is normal, so you can quickly identify and seek advice for anything that is new or unusual.

    Our brushing guide has some handy hacks to help you get started.

    If you pet is moulting and you home shows the effects - use a Mikki Pet Hair Magnet to help restore your home to it's former glory!

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