Indorex Defence Flea Spray


Indorex Defence Flea Spray

Protect your home from unwanted visitors with Indorex® Defence Household Flea Spray. Using a spot-on or tablet flea treatment for every cat and dog in your household is essential to control fleas on your pet. But did you know that flea eggs, larvae and pupae will live in our homes all year round? The most effective way to protect your home from flea infestation is to use award winning Indorex® Defence Household Flea Spray.

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Indorex® Defence is an easy-to-use insecticidal spray which kills adult fleas and house dust mites and prevents the development of flea eggs and larvae. Indorex® Defence kills adult fleas for 2 months after spraying and continues to protect your home against fleas and house dust mites for 12 months! 1 can is enough to treat an average 3 - 4 bedroom home.

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