Calibra Veterinary Diet Dog Gastrointestinal & Pancreas


Calibra Veterinary Diet Dog Gastrointestinal & Pancreas

Calibra Veterinary Diets Gastrointestinal & Pancreas Dry Dog Food is a complete dietetic food to support the reduction of acute intestinal absorptive disorders and compensation for maldigestion.

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Calibra Veterinary Diets Gastrointestinal &  Pancreas Dry Dog Food provides a nutritionally balanced portion, with sufficient quantities of nutrients for sick or sensitive digestive tracts.
Its rapid high digestibility supports the digestive processes and allows nutrients to be absorbed as fast as possible. A lower quantity of fat reduces pancreatic irritationand it contains prebiotics, yeasts, and special yeast cultures that support the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.

  • Highly digestible sources of protein & carbohydrates with very low allergenic potential (rice) - gluten-free
  • Reduced fat
  • Hypoallergenic formula without wheat, corn, soya, added gluten
  • Contains vitamins & minerals
  • Has prebiotics, probiotics, and other functional additives

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