Calibra Veterinary Diet Dog Gastrointestinal Low Fat


Calibra Veterinary Diet Dog Gastrointestinal Low Fat

Calibra Veterinary Diets Gastrointestinal Low Fat Wet Dog Food helps to reduce gastrointestinal issues and pancreatic disorders. Supports the lipid metabolism - hyperlipidaemia and can be used long term to aid sensitive digestion.

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The Calibra Veterinary Gastrointestinal Low Fat Wet Diet supports the digestive system using a selection of highly digestible proteins with hydrolysed salmon and dried eggs, as well as tuna and lamb. The carbohydrate source used is a highly digestible rice. Low fat, increased sodium and potassium. INTESTINAL MICROBIOME COMPLEX –
advanced combination for maintaining the physiological functioning of the intestinal tract.

  • Prebiotics (treated yeast culture, FOS, β-glucans, MOS)
  • Paraprobiotics (inactivated Lactobacillus helveticus)
  • Powered by fulvic acid (detoxifying effect)

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