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Double enteric coated capsules

Easy to administer sprinkle capsules

Fast acting & palatable

Helps maximise liver detoxification

New formula with 200mg SAMe for easier dogs in large dogs

Supports optimal liver health


Supports the liver when it’s processing medication

Certain medications can cause an accumulation of toxins which can be harmful to the liver. Vetpro aids liver detox and supports the liver’s by increasing its natural antioxidant levels.


Guaranteed purity

Vetpro is the only product to offer the unique triple action formula, and states the percentage purity (%) of its key active ingredients for consistent product quality and efficacy. It is manufactured in the UK to pharmaceutical grade standards and tested for the purity of ingredients at the raw material stage and the final completed product stage.


Easy to administer sprinkle capsules

Vetpro is presented in capsules which can be given whole or opened and sprinkled on food which provides more flexibility for pets and owners. It’s the first SAMe liver product that is double enteric coated to allow the ingredients effective transit through the small intestine before being released and absorbed to provide the most positive effect.



Each capsule contains the following scientifically proven ingredients:

SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine) (90% pure) 200mg

A naturally occurring molecule which has strong antioxidant properties and has been proven to help aid healthy liver function.

Silybin (Complex) 10mg

A special bioavailable complexed form of Milk Thistle extract which has proven bioactive properties. Silybin works as a high potency antioxidant within the liver and supports the natural systems that control inflammation.

Turmeric extract (Curcumin) (95% pure) 50mg

Our unique Curcumin is a highly bioavailable antioxidant whilst also supporting the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory processes.

Feeding Guide

Dog Size

Body Weight (kg)

Maintenance (Caps per day)

Medium dog 10-17.99 1.5*
Medium dog 18-24.99 2
Large dog 25+ 2**

*Half capsules can be given as one capsule every alternate day if preferred.

**2 capsules/day + half capsule/day for every 5kg over 25kg.

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